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Gentle Pet Crossing
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Lake Worth Beach, FL 33460
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(561) 323-4542
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Gentle Pet Crossing is a place of honor, dignity and compassion. We provide a comforting, welcoming and supportive environment while we help you plan your pet's afterlife care. We are a Pet funeral home and also offer euthanasia services, in-home or on-site.

Gentle Pet Crossing provides afterlife care services for pets in the form of cremation through water, or aquamation. Aquamation, like cremation by fire, reduces the body to its essential elements, but it is a gentler and more eco-friendly option than fire-based cremation; there are zero direct emissions to the atmosphere, and 90% less energy is used. Instead of cremation by fire or burial, consider the alternative cremation by water: Aquamation.

With aquamation, you can expect 20 to 30% more remains back compared to cremation by fire. This is because the process is so gentle and each pet is placed in a separate compartment, so your pet's remains never get mixed with another pet.

At Gentle Pet Crossing, we have a peaceful sanctuary and facilities for formal pet funeral gatherings where you can give your pet a peaceful, loving goodbye. Our staff works by appointment for funeral services on Saturday or Sunday.

Each owner receives their pet's remains in a rose wood urn, a brass engraved name plate, a locket of hair and an aquamation certificate. We do offer a wide range of keepsake products, including memory portraits, urns, cremation jewelry and more.

Locations in both Lake Worth Beach and Port St. Lucie. Find us also at 10987 S US Hwy 1 Port St. Lucie, FL 34952.

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Jacque Chadinha-Branca